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Fall 2018 Hackathons in West Lafayette, Indiana:

One will last for a half-semester within ENGR 396: Well-being, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion and will have a special focus on Diversity and inclusion with engineering volunteers from all years.

The other will last for a full semester in ENGR 180: Minority Engineering Seminar and will have a broad focus but primarily have first year engineering students as volunteers.

We are currently looking for university and community partners to work with undergraduate engineering student volunteers. That’s where you come in!

Within this role, you or a representative would meet with students about 1.5 hours a week to co-develop a solution to a problem that affects your work. In the end, you will gain a list of possible solutions as well as a prototype/model of a concept that you and the students co-develop.

In the past, community and university partners have worked on the following problems as a part of the Cultural Hackathon:

  • Lafayette Hannah Center (Fall 2017)

    • Development and Implementation of After school STEM Curricula for K-3 students

  • Purdue African American Studies Department (Fall 2017)

    • Refinement of Department promotional materials and outreach strategies

  • Purdue Black Cultural Center (Fall 2017, Winter 2018)

    • Redesigning of Multipurpose rooms within the BCC

    • Outreach and Survey Strategies within the BCC

  • Purdue Extension Program (Fall 2017)

    • Community and Program engagement strategy for local parks

  • Purdue Minority Engineering Programs office (Fall 2017, Winter 2018)

    • Redesigning of MEP Student Success Center

    • Outreach Strategy for African American Graduate Students

    • Outreach strategy for engaging more undergraduates in MEP

  • Purdue Latino Cultural Center (Winter 2018)

    • Development of workshops to teach High School students how to write essays for College admissions

  • Engineering Education FACE Lab (Winter 2018)

    • Development of curricula and promotional materials for K-12 Modeling activity

  • Beebe Arts LLC (Winter 2018, Fall 2017)

    • Development of Infrastructure and outreach strategies for programming

  • Detroit Police Department (Spring 2018)

    • Strategies to affect youth perception of Police

  • Detroit Belle Isle Conservancy (Spring 2018)

    • Strategies to attract youth

  • Karasi Development (Spring 2018)

    • Cultural Center Implementation and Economic Strategy

  • Wayne State University Reuther Libraries (Spring 2018)

    • Strategies for increasing youth utilization of Archives

If you are interested, please fill out this form by Friday July 27, 2018. We will match students according to your availability and on a first come, first serve basis. Thus, if you have any ideas about problems that could use some extra eyes, do not hesitate to sign up.